Lentement Team Days are opportunities for people to slow down, to listen, to reflect and to consider what actions may happen as a result of the day. They can be run for an organisation or a department within an organisation. The ideal group number is between 6-12 people.

Taking a Lentement team day to celebrate what has been done and think about what may lie ahead can be a really positive experience. Such days can help:

  • Recognise success and achievements of the team and individuals within the team
  • Bring the team together and build a sense of being part of something greater
  • Create space to address challenges, both internal and external
  • Create space to consider future ideas, develop strategy and plan for the future

The cost for a Team Day is £250. Click here to get in touch, ask questions and find out more

Here is what a couple of people have said following a team day:

“A well prepared and structured day in which our current organisational activities were reviewed, celebrated and challenged in an empathetic and encouraging manner and against an objective model and James’ own professional experiences. A real strength was the manner in which all participants were engaged and valued.”

“Thanks so much for coming and leading our discussions yesterday. It was a hugely helpful day and your input was significant in steering our discussions. Where it worked well in comparison to previous years was by having volunteers as part of the mix which gave a different take on things.” (Mark, Director of Regenerate Project)