Lentement Slow Days and Slow Half-Days are days away from familiar places such as the home, the office or lecture hall. They can either be arranged specifically for a team or organisation or you could book on to a planned day out individually. They can take place in a wild or urban space.

A Slow Half-Day can offer the opportunity, for those for whom taking a whole day out is just not possible, to slow down, think back and look forward. This could take place in countryside local to you or an urban area. A recent example of an urban slow half-day included starting with time to be silent and look back, involved some sharing of thoughts, opportunity for those in the group to reflect on their own; using an urban setting to aid this reflection and then coming back together for final reflections and a gathering of thoughts.

A Slow Day can be shaped with you according to the needs of the group. An example of a day in the hills could be one focused around a journey through the wild and through gentle guidance allowing the journey taken to ask you questions to reflect on life, work, a decision to be taken, family and friends. It can be great either for just taking time out or perhaps to have a particular focus on something that is demanding your attention.

“Thank you so much for your hospitality on Monday.  It is always helpful to carve out space to get out and focus on being attentive to God, you enriched this through your leading and choice of scripture. It certainly set us up for the rest of the week.”  (Sian Hancock, CYM Bristol)

Information about Slow Half Days or Slow Days

  • You will need to arrive at the start point by 9.30am for a briefing and we aim to finish about 1pm (half Day) and 4.30pm for a full day
  • You will need to bring a packed lunch (in the wild) or if in an urban space perhaps plan a team lunch
  • Click the link to do download Information on kit and clothing for a Slow Day (in the wild)
  • All walks can be changed and shortened so just ask
  • You will need to indicate the fitness levels of the group
  • A slow day costs £250 for a group of up to 4-8 people
  • A slow half days costs £150 for a group of 4-8 people
  • James Vaughton is experienced in walking and leading small groups and First Aid trained

To find out more about either and Slow Half-Day or Slow Day please click here and get in touch.

A couple of examples of two guided walks are described below.

Llantony Abbey

The Black Mountains are just outside Abergavenny. Starting at Llantony Abbey car park the walk takes us up onto Offa’s Dyke, which, at this point, is the Welsh-English border and offers fantastic views over the Welsh mountains and English Meadows. The journey continues to Capel Y Ffin, where we stop for lunch and then heads back on the western side of the Ewyas Valley back to the Abbey. In all the walk takes 6-7 hours. Although this will vary according to fitness and it can be shortened.

Studland Bay

Starting from the car park at the northern end of this stunning stretch of south coast beach the walk takes us out to the dramatic cliffs of Old Harry’s Rocks. From there we head inland and up, offering great views both east and west. From there we head inland towards the heathland lying behind Studland beach. Here we traverse this fascinating landscape, which includes the Agglestone (fun to try and climb), onward and then cutting across the boggy heath towards the beach (watch out for nude sunbathers) to finish with a beautiful stroll along the water’s edge, paddling and looking at the reflections of the sky in the retreating water. There should be time for stopping at the National Trust Cafe along the way and then back to the car. This walk will take 6-7 hours.  Although this will vary according to fitness and it can be shortened.